Katonics is your answer to rapid weight loss
              Katonics is your answer to rapid weight loss

     Katonics is going to Help you Lose your unwanted weight!

Katonics = Rapid Weight Loss, helping you achieve your ideal weight in the shortest space of time.


Fact: 61% of the UK population are overweight:

Fact: 13 million of the UK population are clinically obese:

Fact: 44% of men are among the 29 million Britons who are trying to slim:

Fact:  10% of children in the UK are obese:

Fact: Only 5% of women and 17% of men never worry about their weight:

Fact: Obesity is shortening your life:

Fact: If you are middle aged being overweight puts you at risk of Diabetes:

                  Don't Let Your Excess Weight Slow You Down. We Will Help You Become Thinner And Healthier, Quickly And Safely

                                    Did you know, Your Visceral  Fat is slowly killing you. Don't let it. Get rid of it NOW!

Katonics = you knowing where you are and helping you get to where you want to be.


You were not born Fat, Overweight, Obese, Cuddly, Fuller Figure, however you choose to describe it. Weight problems for some may have been around since time began, just not as popular as it is today. One popular opinion is that the onslaught of the current obesity epidemic started in the eightie's, while another blames the current Western diet, which is characterized by foods that are highly processed, deficient in nutrient quality, and high in energy density.  Whatever the cause, it is not healthy or comfortable being overweight and while many, just like you are trying their hardest to do something to help themselves, it is so demoralising when you seem to be getting nowhere no matter how hard you try and no matter what you sacrifice. Poor results simply make it easier and easier to give in. You don't have to ask yourself what weight you want to be, you already know this, what you need is the Help to Achieve it. You want to lose that unwanted excess weight NOW, not in two or three years. The Katonics Weight Loss Programme will help you do this. The weight loss that you will achieve will drive you on and on. You will feel healthier and you will have more confidence and more self esteem. Don't waste anymore time counting calories or anything else, Sign Up and start losing weight.   


                                             How important do you think SLEEP is in relation to you being overweight?

Katonics = A slimmer, fitter you, with a greater personal health and well being.


Forget the exercise at this time, it is not going to help you, in fact if you are a few stones overweight it will probably do you more harm than good right now. You will only be putting unnecessary pressure on your heart and your joints. It can be difficult enough just getting about or climbing the stairs when your overweight without trying to follow some super thin, super fit instructor with a exercise programme. Don't go trying to turn all your fat into muscle on the multi-gym, either, not just yet. FIRST, let the Katonics Weight Loss Programme help you to quickly lose some of that weight and then you can exercise. Not only will you find it easier you will want to do more and more, because you will feel motivated and able to do so.

                                   Emotional eating, is a broad term that implies that someone is eating for reasons other than hunger

Katonics is about - helping you

help yourself


Will Power is a key element of the Katonics Weight Loss Programme  --- "you don't have any" ---     WRONGeveryone has it, You just need to unlock it.

You can and You will.

                                                            Is Your Weight Destroying Your Body                    

The Katonics Weight Loss Programme is about understanding what you eat and separating the good from the bad. There is no counting calories or carb's or searching for the fat free. No expensive products Pills, Blockers, Meals, Shakes etc: to buy, in fact you will probably have a number of beneficial ingredients at home already.


The Katonics Weight Loss Programme is a combination of Successful Rapid Weight Loss Techniques, the manufacturers of expensive dietry products don't want you to know about, because they work.                                

              The Katonics Weight Loss Programme recognises you are individual with your own individual Biochemical makeup.


                     Follow the Katonics Weight Loss Programme and start losing your unwanted excess weight FAST.     


                       Don't just dream about it, if you want to lose weight quickly, then you are already wasting time,


Sign up  and start losing weight NOW.

                                                                   Your most dangerous fat is your easiest fat to lose!

                    Everything you've been told about weight loss is wrong. It's not about calories. It's not about exercise

                                                                                  and it is Actually easier than you think

The weight loss industry is worth Hundreds of Billions of Pounds each year. The companies within this industry do not want you to lose weight, they want you to stay overweight. The more problems you get from being overweight the more products they can sell you. Over and Over again. Money upon Money. Profit upon Profit. Thats why no matter how hard you try you just seem to get Bigger and Bigger, Year after Year. They have no interest what-so-ever in you achieving your goal.

                                                                                            Why wait to lose weight

The Katonics Weight Loss Programme is about losing weight easily and quickly now, not in a year or two years. You want results, you will get results. You will lose weight quickly and you will build your own sugar mountain and you will feel great. There is no lengthly reading to undertake, just the easy to follow main essentials. There is no regime which you have to follow for the rest of your life. Katonics is about you achieving your goal now. Simply follow the programme and you will see results quickly. You're are never hungry and you don't have to exercise. Whilst it is a good idea to exercise for other reasons, it is not required as part of the Katonics Programme. Once you have achieved your goal and you are thinner, fitter and healthier, you can simply cease the programme.

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