Katonics is your answer to rapid weight loss
              Katonics is your answer to rapid weight loss

Answering your queries:

Q >  Will I lose weight when I sign up to the programme?

A >   Yes! And much quicker than you were thinking.


Q >  How Quickly will I lose weight on the Programme?

A >   Very quickly. Katonics is a Rapid Weight Loss Programme. Each person has their own Biochemical makeup and while some will lose 

         weight slightly quicker than others, you will lose weight both quickly and easily.


Q >  I have tried many things to lose weight over the years but nothing seams to work for me, won't I just be wasting more


A >  Not at all. Many people like yourself have tried many different ways to lose weight with either little or no success. Rest assured it is

        not your fault it is because most things you have been told about weight loss have been wrong. The weight loss industry is worth

        hundreds of billions of dollars per year and it is much more financially viable and profitable that people are overweight and or even

        better obese. Basically if you remove the problem you remove the profit and unfortunately the world is run by big business and profit.

"I can't believe how much weight I have lost in such a short space of time, I feel absolutely great, the only problem for me is I need to refill my wardrobe because all my clothes are so big I look silly if I wear them"
Marco, Derbyshire.

Q >  If the Katonics Programme is so good why is there no money back guarantee?

A >   Good question, a popular question. Once you sign up you will have electronic access to the programme (via internet). We don't ask

          for photographic evidence from everyone that joins the programme. It is not a requisite that we monitor you or invade your

         privacy. We don't tell you what to do or not to do. We don't say what you must eat and when you must eat it. This would be both

         invasive but necessary. The programme gives you a basic easy to follow "know how" which will help you to lose weight quickly.

         It gives you the freedom to achieve your weight loss in a way that is best suited to you. If you don't lose weight, we know it is

         because you have not followed the programme correctly. It is well tried and tested over a number of years. You need to be true

         to yourself because only you will be the loser.  Simply follow the programme, moulding it to suit yourself and you will lose weight



Q >  Will I be hungry all the time?

A >   One of the first rules of the programme is not to go hungry. The programme is designed to reduce hunger and cravings wherever



Q >   Will I need to exercise or visit a gym?

A >   Exercise isn’t a requisite of the programme. However, we never discourage exercising for health and fitness reasons if you are able

         to exercise then do so. If you are excessively overweight you will probably do yourself more harm than good by trying to exercise

         right now. We would suggest that you first lose some of your excess weight quickly by following the programme and you will soon be

         more able and capable to exercise.

"My sugar mountain says it all, losing six stones in under eight months is a great feeling. To think I was carrying all that weight around with me is unbelievable, thank you to the Katonics Programme, I now have a new life"
Jane, Hertfordshire.

Q >   What kind of foods will I have to eat and what if there is something that I need that isn't in the programme?

A >    There are many food groups available in the programme, nothing special and or expensive. The programme will allow for and can

          work around or with any specific food which might be of importance to the individual but is not included in the programme.


Q >    I am not keen on fruit and I have heard that I will have to eat lots of fruit?

A >    WRONG! Eating fruit is not a requisite of the programme. Fat people should not eat fruit anyway, that is only helping to keep them

           fat. This is what we mean about, "everything you have been told about weight loss, is wrong".


Q >    I have to travel a lot with work both in the UK and abroad. Would this be a problem for me?

A >     No, this is no problem. The programme works with you for you, wherever you are. It is very simple. Weight loss has never been

           so easy. It is also no problem if you want to go away on holiday for a week or two. The programme explains all about this.


Q >    What is ketogenics?

A >     Ketogenics is a proven theory of avoiding and reducing your intake of Carbohydrates (Glucose) and keeping Protein and Fat at

           moderate but adequate levels.

"I lost about five pounds in three weeks but my husband said, you are cheating either follow the programme properly or leave it alone. I started the programme again and my 15 year old daughter started it with me and in three months I lost the three stones I wanted to lose and she lost two easily. I am really happy with my new figure and my daughter is over the moon"
Anna, Liverpool.

Q >    I know I don't have any willpower, will this mean I won't lose weight?

A >    You do have willpower, we all have it, you just need to unlock it. Yes, you will lose weight.


Q >    There are cheaper programmes out there, why should I choose yours?

A >    There are many weight loss plans, programmes, exercises, diet's, pills etc: etc: available, many cheaper, many much, much more

           expensive and there are also many that are totaly FREE. We would suggest that you try any of these. We will be here when you get

           back. If however, you are here because you have already been down this road, have been disappointed, have wasted too much

           time, effort and money and you just want to lose some weight as quickly as possible, then what have you to lose appart from your

           weight. We are offering Instant and Unlimited access to the Katonics Weight Loss Programme for only £19.99. (This is a one off

           payment NOT a subscription like most weight loss plans, programmes, diet's etc:) That's equivalent to a couple of Pizzas which you

           can eat in about ten minutes, whereas we are offering a thinner, healthier future.


Q >    I have a very hectic lifestyle will I be able to follow the programme?

A >    Yes, no problem. We have people from all walks of life successfully undertaking the programme.

"Every day I find it hard to believe that I was carrying the weight of my sugar mountain around with me, I can't even lift it. three and a half stones in three months, people don't believe me but they know that a big part of me is missing, most of my friends are now on the katonics programme because they want the same"
Brian, East Anglia.

Q >   My 13 year old daughter is seriously overweight is it safe for her to try your programme?

A >   Yes. The Katonics Weight loss Programme is great for youngsters who need to lose some excess weight. We are commited to a World

         Wide campaign which is trying to combat the Global Child Obesity Problem. The Monday to Friday with eas-up over the weekend

          not only makes it very easy for them to adhere to, it makes it easier for you to help them. Also because the programme is about

          achieving rapid weight loss and not a way of life, means that they are not going to be on the programme for long anyway. The

          programme will ensure your Son or Daughter gets all the Macronutrients and Micronutrients they need to stay healthy and strong

          while they quickly lose their excess weight. Once they are at a more healthy and ideal weight for their age and size, simply cease the

          programme. (you could treat your son/daughter to a Burger + Fries + Coke at the weekend with no detriment to their progress)


Q >   Are these so called superfoods really any good?

A >   Yes. The billion dollar diet companies are trying to make everyone believe they are a waste of time. Thats because they are widely

          available and low cost. Indulge all you can, they will only benefit you.


Q >   Are there any light deserts included in the programme?

A >   No. Sorry, Katonics is about losing your excess weight in the quickest time possible. There are weight loss plans available that include

         light deserts, carb free baking etc: these are for those whom are in it for the long haul, those who want to make it a way of life. You

         will lose weight sometime over the next few years. Katonics is about here and now.


" I have tried many ideas, diets, programmes etc; over recent years in order to reduce and manage my weight no expense spared, it is never easy to lose weight and very demoralising when targets are not reached. I found the Katonics Programme to be very, very easy and immensely successful"

Agnetha Faltskog, Sweden.

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